Kyiv, Ukraine

Pasta Mottarone


Co-production of the promotional video by the international agency Twiga and VideoNova production.

We were approached with ready-made creative:
In this video, we eloquently and unequivocally tell that the sauce in the jar is the same as the chefs prepare in the most fashionable restaurants.

Our scope of work:

  • Script adaptation
  • Storyboard
  • Props preparation
  • Filming preparation
  • Filming
  • Editing & SFX

In this video, we ironically show how beautiful and tasty to cook the most delicious pasta in the world. So we see our cook. Location — the kitchen of the restaurant. He ingratiating voice culinary esthete talks about the dish, which he prepares. Namely — about pasta with a special sauce. We see beautiful macro and medium size plans. Maestro cooks spaghetti — maintains temperature, adds salt, pepper, spices …

Brings water to the desired temperature … And now, finally, spaghetti ready. The expert tastes their aroma, tastes it …

Delightfully — he makes his verdict. And now I will tell you how to make the most delicious sauce for these beautiful spaghetti! For this we will need … Suddenly, he takes a jar of our sauce from the shelf and immediately pours it into the plate. At the same time exclaims — That’s all, the sauce is ready! Enjoy your meal!

Filming preparation
Editing material
съемочный процесс

Due to the fact that the product has not yet been launched on the territory of Ukraine, printing (price tags and labels), as well as supermarket shelves, were prepared specifically for shooting.

Of course, the number of scenes in this video hinted at the second shooting shift, but the professional approach and well-coordinated work of the shooting team helped to invest in one.

A feature of the production of this promotional video is cooking, which in itself implies the services of a food stylist.
Problem statement is extremely simple: make the picture «tasty.»

You can see the BackStage video and the photo below about how the shooting process went.

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